HBM2 was founded more than 20 years ago on the premise of partnership and commitment to the growth of our brokers.


Today, we operate in over 700 major markets across the United States. 

With a generous commission structure, no franchise fees, and industry leading support, we believe in the entrepreneurial and independent spirit that drives our broker partners to be the best.

It's the HBM2 Broker Advantage.

HBM2 takes our commitment to our brokers seriously and constantly pushes the boundaries of technology and service.  


A personalized real estate app provides your buyers a private home search experience with 100% of the MLS listings. Your customers are free to search nationwide.

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Refer to a national network of real estate agents who also use our technology and systems. When your customers find a property outside your market refer them to one of your HBM2 counterparts.


With 4.5 million listings nationwide our real estate professionals serve buyers and sellers in 700+ major metro areas nationwide. 

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More than 3 million satisfied homebuyers have used HomeScout National MLS to find their home. Our business platform operates in all 50 states. 

We have opportunities for exclusive markets all over the United States. Working with HBM2 will provide you with endless possibilities for real estate growth, which includes a large referral network and increased income potential. 

Our brokers use HBM2's National MLS home search technology that engages home buyers and markets you on every listing. Our innovative customer technology is designed to help you capture more leads and nurture more contacts with far less effort on your part. 


National Search

HBM2 serves all 50 states. Your customers will have seamless National MLS search capability on our platform. There is no need for them to go to another search site to look for property anywhere in the country and every reason for them to turn to you for a referral.



The next generation in the legendary Home Scouting family of technologies, HomeScout, gives consumers an immersive real estate search experience featuring 100% MLS listing data. This means that they are assured of finding the most accurate property information anywhere, and not available with any public search sites like Zillow or Trulia. And since access to the HomeScout web and mobile app are password protected, buyers can search in a private, secure environment where they can take comfort knowing their personal information is never at risk.


Sold Home Aleart®

The Sold Home Alert is an automated notification that goes out to customers once a month to let them know what homes and properties in their neighborhood have most recently sold for. It serves as a database protection plan for real estate professionals by positioning them as the go-to source for their future real estate services. This platform is especially valuable for brokers and agents who understand how important it is for their business to retain and engage home buyers they have worked with, long after closing.


The HBM Dash

The Dash is a dynamic reporting interface that shows brokers, agents and team members all of their buyer’s activities on HomeScout and predictive indicators to help improve conversion rates. It features a Quick List page that shows their hottest buyers and lists them in order based on their buyer activity index. In addition, it provides a buyer profile that displays all of their contact information, so they can be contacted via text, email or a voice call directly from the Dash mobile app. The Dash also features the Fish Bowl which is a continuous newsfeed that shows all buyer activities in real time and allows users to sort through those activities with relevant, time-saving, search filters.

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Lead Generation

Our home search technology generates leads for you around the clock. As an HBM2 broker you can also qualify for company generated leads.  

We offer you unparalleled opportunities. From exclusive markets across the U.S., to our National MLS home search platform, your success has no boundaries.  


Exclusive Markets

We believe in providing our brokers with endless possibilities. We do that by offering exclusive markets. 

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National Home Search

Our powerful National MLS real estate search platform displays accurate up-to-date MLS data for your customers, anywhere they want to search. Refer every relocation, investment, and retirement home customer within our national network and never lose another out-of-market deal!


Independence fuels your entrepreneurial spirit but finding success solely on your own is a challenge. With HBM2, you work with a team of experienced industry professionals dedicated to your success. 


Business Development

At HBM2, you have the freedom to run your business your way while feeling secure that a team of dedicated professionals is standing by to help you with business development, training, marketing, commission processing, and much more. 



We have developed a business building online training series to fuel your success, it includes: broker training, business planning, proven marketing techniques, and more. 



HBM2 brokers have a library of marketing materials at their fingertips. Through our resource center you will have access to customizable branded lead generation communications, and viral marketing materials as well as yard signs, property flyers, emails, listing presentations, and much more! 


Commission Processing

If you are a broker with an established team, or are interested in developing a real estate team, HBM2 provides in-house commission processing services so you can concentrate on the work that really matters - servicing your customers.


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It's your business. Run it the way you want.

HBM2 offers you the luxury of professional freedom. With proven business strategies, modern marketing materials, and unrivaled technology, you will have all the tools you need to succeed and the opportunity to reach your goals your way. 


Business Strategies

As an HBM2 broker we'll show you how to implement our innovative business strategies to effortlessly execute viral marketing and warm lead generation. This plan has proven to add tens of thousands of dollars to our brokers' annual income.



As an HBM2 broker you will have access to our National MLS home search technology, intelligent CRM, and automated marketing campaign. All of our technology is designed to engage home buyers and sellers and markets you every step of the way.


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