This commission calculator is based on assumptions from HomeScout’s 20 year history in the real estate and lending industries. The model is split into 3 opportunities that a real estate agent can leverage:

  1. Database Activities - As a real estate agent on the HomeScout platform, you have the option to have our customer service team enter you entire database into our Sold Home Alert system. Sold Home Alert is a custom branded, monthly email that is sent to past clients that provides sold home data for properties that have recently been purchased in their neighborhoods. (Use your closest estimate of customers in your database. No idea? Try a default vale of 500 for this section.)

  2. Consumer Direct Activities - This number is based on our app-a-day model that would assume that, as a real estate agent, you are introducing 30 home buyers a month to the HomeScout app. (You may wish to use 30 as the default value to give you an idea as to what the value of the app-a-day strategy is for your business.)

  3. Agent Activities - The HomeScout lead and conversion technology platform was designed so agents can work together with cooperating loan officers to assist home buyers in making a well-informed purchase decision. (Consider if you were working with one LO who was introducing only half the buyers to the app that you are - your default value would be 15, if they were matching your enrollments the value would be 30.)