Tips for Surviving in a Tiny Home

Extreme domestic downsizing is like playing the stock market — you have to be aggressive and unsentimental. While every situation is different, rules can help sustain body and soul in cramped quarters.

1. Keep it neat.

Spend 15 minutes at both ends of the day thoroughly tidying up: Make the bed; clean the kitchen and bathroom; remove trash, newspapers and recyclables; put away all clothes.

2. Consider a laundry service.

Compactly folded and stacked clothes can be well worth the expense.

Michael Kolomatsky/The New York Times

3. Escape.

Find comfortable places nearby for when you start feeling closed in: cafes, coffeehouses, parks, libraries.

4. Employ space-saving technology.

A projection TV, an iPhone-based audio system, high-tech lighting.

5. Minimize the need for bookshelves.


Use the library. Read on electronic devices.

Credit Michael Kolomatsky/The New York Times

6. Keep counters clear.


Do not clutter kitchen counter space with machines, tools and food.

Credit Michael Kolomatsky/The New York Times

7. Deep-six bureaus.


Have as many built-in drawers as possible. Utilize space under beds and sofas for storage.

Credit Michael Kolomatsky/The New York Times

8. Use all vertical storage space.

Build overhead shelves. Build a sleeping loft.

9. Buy double-duty furniture.

Sofa beds, kitchen islands and Murphy beds.

10. Streamline your wardrobe.


Aggressively cull closets seasonally.

This article was originally written/posted by The New York Times.