Our brokers use HBM2's National MLS home search technology that engages home buyers and markets you on every listing. Our innovative customer technology is designed to help you capture more leads and nurture more contacts with far less effort on your part. 


National Search

HBM2 serves all 50 states. Your customers will have seamless National MLS search capability on our platform. There is no need for them to go to another search site to look for property anywhere in the country and every reason for them to turn to you for a referral. 


Home Scouting®

Home Scouting allows your customers to search for homes with 100% of the MLS listings in their local market and with 100% data accuracy. Whether on a laptop or mobile device, your customers will see your brand on every listing. Home Scouting protects your customer database by keeping your buyers' information off of public real estate sites that capture and sell your buyers to competitors. 


Sold Home Alert®

Sold Home Alert is an automated customer retention and lead generation solution that provides high value property content, sold information and exclusively markets you to your customers. Effortlessly stay in front of your customers to win their repeat business and protect your database. 


Customer Conversion Manager (CCM)

HBM2 invests in an intelligent CRM that reports customer search activity and predicts buying behaviors. This system helps you better serve your customers in less time than ever before, enabling you to manage hundreds of customers and more transactions with the same effort. 


Lead Generation

Our home search technology generates leads for you around the clock. As an HBM2 broker you can also qualify for company generated leads.   


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