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HBM2 has a business model built for success. Let our brokers tell you how. 


Jim Dawson

The traditional real estate brokerage business model requires a physical location, expenses for furnishings, fixtures, and equipment; personnel, franchise fees, and advertising; utility costs and insurance. Welcome to HBM2, the future. Exceptional customer service, technological advantages, a streamlined business model, entrepreneurial spirit, and clear vision describe HBM2.  I am convinced that their business model is the future of real estate. 

Melissa Justice.png

Melissa Justice

I have really enjoyed working with a company that has done everything they said they would. Everyone is always so helpful, yet they allow me to run my own business in the manner I wish. Coming from another large real estate company I was happy to come aboard one with no drama. This truly is the best of both worlds. 

Michael Brown.png

Michael Brown

It has been my greatest pleasure working for the fine people at HBM2. Since first getting my own territory with them I have received many client referrals from brokers throughout the nation. Their fees per year are extremely low but their team still goes above and beyond to help with any and all questions I have. I cannot see myself in a better work environment.  

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